Coaching FAQ


What is coaching?

Coaching is a guiding process in which I help you assess your current situation, visualize your desired future, and create patterns and habits to achieve your goals. The client-centered approach assumes that deep within, you know what you want and what you need. I help you to dig deep and create awareness to your challenges and solutions by asking you the right questions.

As a coach, I am not an expert of your journey but I act as a facilitator of your growth and learning, particularly around creating mindset shifts and behavioural patterns. I can sometimes use my personal experiences to facilitate this learning process, but I do not teach or advise unless it is explicitly asked for by my clients.


What is self-care & performance coaching?

I do not consider my work as “life coaching” as I do not feel confident in guiding people through certain experiences or transitions that I have absolutely no grasp on. Self-care & performance coaching is for individuals whose goals revolve around emotional presence, energy management, boundaries, optimized focus and effective, efficient, sustainable work. I started this work to help students and professionals prevent and overcome burnout.


How is coaching different from counselling or mentorship?

Coaching is an action-oriented process that looks at where you are today, where you want to go, and which mental/behavioural patterns will help you get there. It is not a substitute for a professional mental health service.

Counselling is a therapeutic process that looks at past challenges or issues and how they shape and impact you today.  Counselling can be used as a recovery or management tool for mental illnesses/disorders.

Mentorship is usually a career-related process in which an individual with expertise in a certain field can advise or expedite a mentee’s professional journey.


What if I also live with mental illness?

For individuals who live with mental illness, I only work with clients who are consistently seeing a mental health professional alongside this coaching work. I am not a registered therapist or counsellor and will not take the chance to overstep my capabilities. I am happy to refer my clients to mental health professionals if past issues start to arise in our work. For individuals living with mental illness, I highly recommend working with both a counsellor and a coach so that you can address your mental illness while building healthy habits for self-care.


How does your coaching process work?

For both single or long-term sessions, I am happy to work with clients in-person in Vancouver. Skype sessions or phone calls are also available. One session can range from 1-2 hours depending on the client’s needs. I do not charge based on hours.

For long-term change, I recommend a 3-month commitment with weekly sessions. I am available for support and accountability outside the sessions via text and email. Clients may receive small assignments/tasks to complete throughout the week.


How do I know if coaching is a fit for me?

This coaching work is for individuals who

  • Have been facing a challenge related to self-care, performance, or burnout

  • Have tried different avenues to address this challenge but haven’t found an effective solution

  • Don’t want to leave this progress or process to chance and desire to take immediate, strategic action for sustainable, long-term change

  • Could benefit from fierce accountability and emotional support throughout the process

  • Recognize that real transformation can feel uncomfortable and are still committed to making this progress

I also acknowledge that my personality, attitude or style will not vibe with everyone. You can get a sense of how I work during your free 30-minute strategy call. You can also check out my blog or social media for a glimpse of my personality.


What is your training?

Coaching is a results-oriented process that does not legally require certification or credentials to do in Canada. My clients have been incredibly satisfied with this work and I am confident in my ability to help you get results. You can read what they say here. Some of my clients are also happy to share with you their experience in working with me. Reach out if you’re interested in talking to them.

With that said, I have been working with and learning from mentors who have been in this industry for 25+ years and I invest thousands of dollars each year in improving my skills and ability to coach. I will also be starting a ICF-approved Coaching Diploma Program in September 2018.


How does payment work?

Coaching can be a very intimate and challenging process and thus I only work with clients who are committed and willing to invest in making the change. At the same time, I acknowledge that marginalized populations are more susceptible to burnout and so I provide sliding scale rates for both single and long-term sessions. Rates are based on your financial situation - socioeconomic status, family support, student loans, number of jobs, etc. Financial investment is discussed on the free 30-min strategy call. Payment is accepted through cash or e-transfer.


What if I’m not ready to commit to 1:1 coaching but still want some support?

I host monthly workshops called Self Care Series on the first Tuesday of every month where we cover different self-care & performance topics and strategies each month. I also provide free, applicable content on my blog every week. Subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on both resources. If you think that your workplace or organization could benefit from burnout prevention, I also provide corporate/private workshops. Bring it up to your HR department or supervisor and let them contact me to organize a workshop for you and your team.


Any more questions?

Feel free to send them to