Energize yourself with 1-on-1 coaching

Learn how to work both efficiently and effectively through disciplined self-care.


1:1 Single Session

An hour long, deep-dive coaching call to get to the core of the problem, leaving you with a mindset shift and a choice of strategies for immediate implementation.


1:1 Personalized Program

A 1:1 coaching commitment to engrain mindset shifts, disciplined self-care, and productivity strategies, accompanied by emotional affirmation and fierce accountability.


How it works:

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1. Schedule a call

I get an understanding of your circumstances & needs and you get a sense of my coaching style.


2. Create a strategy

We work together in creating a personalized strategy for you to meet your goals.


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3. Implement & Energize

You rejuvenate your energies and work effectively & efficiently, making time for work-life harmony.


“Ji-Youn walks a wavy line between the hippy aunt and the professional coach. She holds space for your honest cries, and also helps you get up and ready for getting things done. What I liked the most about her work was exactly that, the balance between making you feel well, and pushing you to do well.”

- Giulio Sucar, Vancouver


You’re here because you are an ambitious individual who wants to succeed professionally and explore other aspects of life. You’re here because you want to work efficiently and integrate the professional + personal for work-life balance.

But are you overwhelmed by all that you have to do? Do you feel exhausted? Are you unable to focus optimally?

Let me share with you a key principle that many people are missing.

Self-care is a professional responsibility.


Self-care isn’t just about “treating yourself.”

Self-care is self-preservation.

Self-care is rejuvenation.

Self-care is optimization.



Bright people are misplacing their energy on:


Working for exhaustingly long hours with little focus and a lot of distractions.

Hustling in constant stress / anxiety while their health deteriorates.
Reading through productivity / self-care tips without implementation.

My mission is to help you rise above the burnout epidemic and get ahead, through personalized 1-on-1 coaching.


“I am very thankful Ji-Youn was there to guide me through some of the hardest moments of my life. Not only did she give me great resources to cope with problems in life, but she also supported me like a friend. I cannot imagine finishing my university career successfully without her help.”

- Elizabeth Guan, Vancouver


Are you ready to commit to quality work? 

Schedule a call and let's chat.

Unfortunately, spots are currently full for the longer term, 1:1 Personalized Program.

If you’re currently facing a self-care/performance challenge that you’d like to address ASAP, book a single session with me below and I’ll reach out for details. Single sessions are useful for building a roadmap for long-term change and identifying the first few key steps to get the ball rolling. I offer sliding scale rates between $75-$125 based on your financial situation. I honour you for committing to build your foundations.


Unsure what coaching is? Check out Coaching FAQ.


“In just a few months, my focus increased from a 3 to a 7 out of 10. This helped me surpass my academic expectations last semester, thanks to learning disciplined self-care and energy management from Ji-Youn. “

Olivia Lau,
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, Canada

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5 Self-Care Practices To Boost Your Productivity

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