Doing the work.


I came to Ji-Youn for coaching because I felt overwhelmed by several parts of my life that needed fixing, but I didn’t know how to actually start working on them without neglecting everything else. This resulted in me being emotionally absent in times of stress (which, let’s be honest, is constant in the life of a student). This resulted in my mental health being neglected, which in turn would come back to haunt me in the worst moments. I had already tried counselling but it just didn’t end up working for me. I knew of Ji-Youn from her work at the The Tipping Point and social media. I’d been following her for over a year and had always been curious, so I figured why not!

Ji-Youn’s coaching helped me by providing a safe space and time where I could just put all my problems on the table and look at them objectively. Ji-Youn was an amazing active listener and helped me find the roots of my problems by asking insightful questions and learning about how my brain worked. Each week we met and talked about how each aspect of my life was going. Based on that we established realistic goals and actionables to help me achieve those goals. Often she would also check up on my during the week and give me additional resources to read and work with.

Over the course of a term, I found that, while my issues hadn’t gone away, I was now prepared to deal with them head-on, instead of just getting overwhelmed. I was able to work through my academics, personal matters, relationships with others, and mental health with emotional presence and certainty that I would be okay in the end, even if things went south. I’ve picked up great habits along the way, such as bullet journalling, breathing meditation, and goal-setting. Now that I’ve completed my studies, I feel much better prepared for the future than I ever have!

Three things that makes Ji-Youn unique is her energy, empathy, and realness. During our first session I asked that we abandon any unnecessary formalities as I wanted her to be honest and genuine with me, just as I had seen her be workshops and in social media. The result couldn’t have been better! I really felt that she deeply cared and did her very best to help me whenever I needed her. Even when I didn’t hold my end of our agreement, she was always understanding and kind. We laughed, I cried, we got angry at the world, and talked about all things we felt passionate about. Ji-Youn was the perfect balance of the qualified professional I had sought and the loyal friend and confidant I desperately needed.

Overall, I found the coaching experience surprisingly challengingly fun. I didn’t really know what to expect coming in, but it was very exciting to see a notable improvement in my life after each week.

I would recommend Ji-Youn’s coaching to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or stressed to a point where you can’t even understand where all of it is coming from. As a student I know that we all struggle with balancing the immense pressure of academics with the needs of our personal lives. Ji-Youn has been there and she knows how to teach you to help yourself. My favourite quotes that I learned from her coaching are “No one is coming” and “DO THE WORK”. While the thought may seem terrifying, it doesn’t mean we’re alone. We have people around us to support us and cheer us on, but it’s up to us to DO THE WORK. And Ji-Youn will show you how.

João L.
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

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