Managing feelings.


I reached out to Ji-Youn to learn how to manage my emotions better as I often struggled to focus on school and work when I was feeling anxious. What I came out with was much more valuable. Ji-Youn created a safe and empathetic safe space for me to figure out why I was struggling to focus, rather than simply telling me how to be productive. Working through the ‘why’ was extremely important as it created a space for me to look into deep rooted trauma that I had neglected for so long and change the coping mechanisms I had that hindered my productivity and harmed my mental-health. Our sessions provided a template for me to dissect my feelings on my own, which drastically improved my self-esteem and self-trust as I now knew that I was capable of feeling difficult emotions and moving through them with grace. I highly recommend coaching with Ji-Youn for people who want to cultivate a better understanding of themselves and are eager to make decisions that align with what is truly important to them.

Julie P.
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

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