#1 Thing You Need to Do Better in School

It’s not a step-by-step study guide. 

It’s not a method to implement your specific learning style. 

It’s not even a strategy for work-life balance.

What you need is, the intentional practice of daily, consistent self-care. And nope, not the bubble baths and unicorns kind so hold up and hear me out.

Student mental health is recognized as a public health issue and mental health challenges are correlated to burnout. You already know this. But recent studies show that student burnout can predict work burnout and HR leaders are stating that “employee burnout has reached epidemic proportions” in a range of different industries.

“... burnout is a result of resource depletion and resource loss at earlier stages leads to further loss.”                                     (T. G. Robins et al., 2018)

Burnout - it’s a problem. In fact, academics are diving into research on student burnout as we speak, because it’s such a prevalent issue. So given that, do you practice consistent self-care? Or are you hustling and grinding it out now (as many do in university) for future success? To land that well-paying job. To get into grad school. To make your parents proud.

Unfortunately, there are many people who:

  • earn six figures a year but are stressed out AF.
  • work their dream jobs but are chronically fatigued.
  • reac h millions of people with their work but are too emotionally drained to hold space for their family.

I.e. there are many people who are “professionally successful” and still burned. out.

(Um, no. Can we please stop glorifying this “hustle” mentality and prioritize energized, sustainable work?)

Yes, it is possible to accomplish big things without taking care of ourselves. It is possible to get shit done without a healthy lifestyle. But eventually, we hit a glass ceiling. We deplete ourselves over time if we don’t consistently rejuvenate. Time management strategies, productivity tools, resume-building activities - these things build on top of the foundation of our well-being.

Self-care goes WAY beyond “treating yourself.”

Self-care is a personal and professional responsibility.

Yes, there are many factors involved in employee/student well-being, but we first have to take initiative of what we can.

So given these undeniable realities, what will you do? What habits will you build? What activities will you make time for? What refueling practices will you implement?

These 5 are a good place to start. 

So what’s the number 1 thing you need? Self-care.

Self-care as in self-preservation, self-rejuvenation, self-optimization.

At the end of the day, you are a human. Whenever you expend energy, you need to restore energy. Your dreams - limitless. Your energy - definitely finite.

Take responsibility for your well-being. Practice self-care. Don’t compromise the basics.


With love,


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Ji Youn Kim