Self-care & Performance Coach


My aspiration is to do it all:
work + play + rest

I used to be the ambitiously overcommitted student juggling a full course load, a part-time job, 3 extracurricular commitments plus a long commute to school on the daily. It was not sustainable. Fortunately + unfortunately, I crashed and burned. I eventually dropped out of school because I couldn’t even focus for 20 minutes to do my readings.

Through a series of intense burnouts (+ follow-up epiphanies), I finally accepted this lesson beyond the level of intellect and to the core of my soul.


You can not build a castle on sand.

You must build your foundations before anything else.

And maintain them.


So I got to work. I inhaled the wisdom of books & podcasts, attended dozens of workshops & conferences and worked closely with mentors/coaches with over 15+ years of experience in personal development. I took in everything that I could on performance, self-care, mental health, and growth. I implemented much of what I learned and experimented with different tools every week. And I finally created for myself a fulfilling strategy incorporating self-care, efficiency, and optimization.

I’ve been in the place of chaos + overwhelm; it’s ambitious at best and self-destructive at worst. Whether you're a university student or a working professional, I am committed to helping  ambitious people like you, increase your focus & energy with disciplined self-care, and making sure that you don’t have to go through what I did. No more overwhelming stress. No more burnouts. No more time wasted on “trying to figure it out.”

My mission is to help you perform optimally and build work-life harmony, so that you can achieve your version of fulfillment throughout your academic/career journeys. Click here to learn how we do it.


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Professional Bio:

Ji-Youn Kim is a self-care & performance coach, helping ambitious people optimize their focus and energy through disciplined self-care. She sees well-being as a professional responsibility and is committed to setting a new standard for efficient, sustainable work by interlacing personal development with self-care. Ji-Youn is particularly fond of working with university students due to her personal experiences in academia, which led her to found The Tipping Point Mental Health Society. Outside of work, she is an amateur acroyogi, an avid reader, and sensuality enthusiast.